Energized Essentials Equation

Energized Essentials Equation is over 3 hours of information to improve not only your life but your relationship, too.

First in the line up is the webinar on how to make your relationship sexier. Covering simples ways that essential oils, intimate numbers and sexual energy can create a more passionate feel to your relationship.

Next we will dive in deeper to the use of essential oils in your relationship. With a 45 minute discussion on the beauty and health aspects of essential oils.

The Intimate Numbers section is next, and you get 50 minutes looking inside the power of numbers not only in your relationship but in your life also. You will see how numbers can benefit your romance and sexy life, as well as how you can form a bond with the numbers important in your life.

Finally you will get a 35 minute section on Sexual Energy and how uplifting it can be in your relationship and life. Complete with a meditation for your chakras and some insight into how you can save up your sexual energy to use when and where you need it.

But that is not all as a bonus you will also receive a FREE Mission Date Night Adventure - Sensual Art will have you and your partner/date working together to have the date night experience of your life.

All this together is way over $300 value and with this special offer on Selz you get it for $7.00.

1 MOV, 4 MP3 and 1 PDF
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