Human Vibrators From Sexy Challenges

Human Vibrators will instruct you on how you can use the vibrations in your body to create a more magical experience for both you and your lover.

Vibrations are part of our world everything is vibrating. However those vibrations are not always the in line. This book show you how to line up your vibrations with your partners to create intimate experiences that will transform your lovemaking. Amongst the many techniques we teach you, we will also teach you how to visually send vibrations to your partner from across the room.

Once you and your partner master the art of bringing vibration into your romance and intimacy, you can also learn to capture these vibrations to bask in all the energy that comes along with them.

Now if that was not enough, we are also including our Mission Date Night Adventure for you. Mission Date Night Adventures are designed to make your date nights sizzle instead of fizzle.

I hope you are ready for your relationship to get a jolt of amazing energy, because with this set you and your partner are ready for the ride of your life.

Included you get the PDF version as well as the epub file if you wan to load it onto your device.

1 PDF and 1 EPUB
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